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The Best Housewarming Gift Ever?

The Best Housewarming Gift For Beer Lovers?

Alpha869 has come out with the best house warming gift that anyone will love. A cool Wall-Mounted bottle opener with four funny cork coasters packed inside a sleek wooden box. Quality was priority as seen by the sturdiness of the coasters along with the stainless steel bottle opener ensuring a long life with a lot of usage. The luxury item is a quick solution to anyone struggling to find a gift for that housewarming party coming up. For the price it is, its hard to find anything that can compete with its price and quality. Alpha869 makes products that durable for daily use for years to come allowing the gift to be enjoyed for years.

The Product

This wall-mounted bottle opener is perfect for letting anyone open a bottle with simply one hand. The magnet mounted underneath the opener ensures that all the bottle caps are caught making sure that none litter the ground, it can hold multiple caps. The Bottle opener comes with four funny coasters made with cork bottoms to ensure no rings on the table. All of this comes in an elegant wooden box with a hard sturdy feel to it. The box is made to last so it comes with extra space allowing you to store all your bar accessories in one place. This is truly the best gift for beer lovers.

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Behind The Name

Alpha869 is a company dedicated to making luxury gifts that are suitable for anyone to receive. it has always been a struggle to find a gift that everyone can enjoy somehow but Alpha869 has made an easy way to get around it. No matter if its for a birthday, Thanks Giving, Christmas or housewarming parties. With over 37,000 fans on Facebook from all over the world, Alpha869 is truly being enjoyed all around the world.

"Alpha869 is an online retail business specializing in providing you with the highest quality gifts. We simplify thoughtful gifting with our unique collection of designs yet practical ... Useful Products that Solve Problems You Never Knew You Had. We have many more products to add so come back often and we're sure you'll find something thoughtful to gift to your friends & family."

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