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Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener Set with Funny Drink Coasters

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener Set with Funny Drink Coasters

Why Do You Need A Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener?

If you are reading this, well, that means you are a beer lover. Cheers! This also means that you have experienced several occasions in your house where you grab a beer from the cooler, but you can't find your bottle opener. Bottle openers have a very notorious habit of disappearing into nowhere when you need them the most. The beer thirst continues kicking in, forcing you to google new and strange ways to remove the beer cap, including your teeth.

Welcome to a new era. The more innovative minds have now solved this little persistent problem. Alpha869 introduces you to their Wall-Mounted bottle opener. This bottle opener can be mounted on any plain surface at home in the kitchen or in the yard. This new item enables you to open your favorite drinks effortlessly and one-handed.

This new bottle opener is not only there for you when you need it, but it also comes with a magnetic cap catcher! This handy contraption catches the dropping bottle caps, making sure none make a mess on your floor; so, it also helps to keep your home clean.

Why Is The Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener Great As A Gift?

The wall-mounted bottle opener comes packed in a luxury wooden box to flaunt its worth. The item is accompanied by three screws and wall plugs for easy and quick installation.

The set also includes four drink coasters exclusively designed by Alpha869. Each of the drink coasters displays a different humorous beer-quote and animated design.

The coasters are water absorbent; thus, they are useful for protecting your furniture from watermark ring damage. With the coasters, you do not need to worry about your furniture getting ring damage when hosting a housewarming party at home. Now drinking is even more fun than ever before.

The Alpha 869 wall-mount bottle opener and the drink coasters are a perfect gift set to give to your beer-loving dad or friend, and you’ll know thy will use it! The products can meet your needs perfectly when installed in your man-cave or home-bar.

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